The Private Club Travel Program


Haversham & Baker Golfing Expeditions

The H&B Private Club Travel Program helps clubs arrange and host overseas golf trips for their members at no cost to the club and very little effort from the club staff. With increasing competition to recruit and retain members, numerous clubs each year are adding H&B club hosted expeditions to the organized activities they offer as a benefit of membership.

Over the past two decades of serving the members of more than 1200 American clubs, we’ve found that often job #1 in starting an international travel program is overcoming the “what ifs”. Our program is growing rapidly because we’ve addressed and learned how to overcome every conceivable “what if”.

Don’t Let ‘What If’
Stop You From ‘What Should Be.’


What if it takes too much of my time?
What if my management/club leadership resists?
What if I don’t know where my members want to go or how they want to travel?
What if the trip doesn’t live up to my club’s standards?
What if something goes wrong?
What if I can’t manage the group all by myself?
What if the trip harms my relationship with my members?
What if some of my members come back with regrets?
What if a member says we should do it ourselves?
What if a member says we can do it cheaper?
What if another travel company says they can do it better than H&B for less?

Sadly, some PGA professionals just can’t shake their “What Ifs”. As a result they and their members stay home. On the other hand, those who’ve let us help them resolve their concerns have strengthened bonds with their members, enhanced their position within the club, enjoyed one of the greatest experiences of their lives and added value to their club membership. All at no cost to themselves or their club.

“I can’t understand why PGA golf professionals
wouldn’t want to have a travel program.”

Dave Edwards, PGA Head Golf Professional
Dubuque Golf & Country Club

“Giving our members experiences whether at the club or across the sea
is what we should be doing as their golf professionals.”

Steve Wilson, PGA Head Professional
The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe

“This was something that made me more valuable to our club.”

Nick Papadakes, PGA Head Professional
Onwentsia Club

“My value to the club was definitely enhanced.”

Mitch Merrill, PGA Master Professional
Sioux City Country Club

Bring us your What Ifs and we’ll start you and your members on the road
to golf at its finest, life at its best and memories that last a lifetime.

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